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14 . 12 . 2020

Keep warm through every season with an outdoor stove

Outdoor stoves for all year round

Looking to make the most of your garden all year round? With an outdoor stove, you can bring that inner, cosy warmth and fireside glow out into your garden. From huddling close with blankets to toasting marshmallow smores, an outdoor woodburning stove is the perfect accessory for those wanting to use their garden throughout even the coldest of months.

Our garden stoves

At Top BBQ, we know how cold British evenings can be, which is why each of our outdoor stoves produces an optimal amount of heat.

Classic ESSE outdoor stove

If you wish you could take your indoor woodburning stove out into your garden, then look no further than the ESSE outdoor stove. Following the clean lines and classic shape of a traditional indoor stove, ESSE have utilised the most sought after features of an indoor fire to create their ESSE garden stove. From the simple black exterior to the elegantly extended chimney, ESSE have designed the perfect, classic stove for outdoor use.

Taking a traditional design, ESSE have added a modern twist with the addition of a BBQ feature. To turn your ESSE garden woodburning stove into an outdoor barbecue experience, all you need to do is swap the hot plate with the grill.

Clean in design and simple in function, the ESSE outdoor stove can provide you with more than just maximal heat output.

ESSE garden stove


Industrial RB73 Outdoor Fires

RB73 Outdoor Fires utilise industrial aesthetics to create unique outdoor heating appliances.

Made from Corten steel, the warm rusty tones of each stoves’ exterior complements the natural hues of the flickering flames to create a stunning rustic design. From their single windowed Bijuga stoves to their multi windowed Quaruba fires, RB73 continually frame their wood burning fires in strong Corten steel surrounds, using clean lines to solidify the view of the flames. Where some of RB73’s stoves feature unique elements, such as exposed bolts and steel handles, their overall design remains fixed around the natural beauty of the fire burning inside.

For an outdoor stove that will fit seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden, look no further than RB73’s range of unique outdoor fires.

RB73 garden stove

14 . 12 . 2020

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