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Top BBQ’s Range of Garden Fireplaces

Crank up the heat with our TopBBQ range of garden fireplaces. Whether you want a fireplace that is preassembled or an outdoor fireplace kit so you can try and build your own, TopBBQ are here to provide you with the products and support you need. By stocking a range of reputable brands including Chesney’s HEAT, Jøtul and Isokern, Top BBQ offers a selection of designs to suit your outdoor living space and help make your garden part of your home.

Along with your garden fireplace of choice, TopBBQ supply a variety of fuel types and accessories to help manage the flame of your outdoor fireplace.

Build Your Own Garden Fireplace

The Isokern Garden Range comes with everything you need to build an outdoor fireplace. Made from pumice and available in three different sizes, our Isokern garden fireplaces provide a well-insulated and compact outdoor heating solution. Each kit includes the chimney blocks, firebrick, firebrick mortar, log retainer, barbecue grill, lip glue for assembly and a render which can either be used to seal the joints or give the entire chimney a rendered finish.

So, why not have a go at building your very own garden fireplace? Our kits have all the parts you need.

While full instructions are provided, for extra guidance, call our team of experts.

Eco-Friendly Garden Fireplace

Chesney’s HEAT Clean Burn offers an environmentally friendly solution to burning firewood. Designed using state-of-the-art technology, this efficient garden fireplace emits a substantial amount of heat, while using a small amount of fuel. Thanks to Chesney’s HEAT, you can relax in your garden without an excessive amount of smoke polluting the air, as the Clean Burn outdoor fireplace works to produce heat without compromising the surrounding environment. For easy setup, the Chesney’s HEAT Range also comes complete with a pair of stove gloves and wheels attached to the rear, so you can manoeuvre your outdoor fireplace to suit the layout of your garden.

Find out more about the Chesney’s HEAT Clean Burn fireplace.

Jøtul’s Rustic Range of Outdoor Fireplaces

Jøtul’s selection of outdoor fireplaces have been designed with durability in mind. Each fireplace has been made using Corten steel which provides a protective, weatherproof exterior, meaning you can leave your Jøtul fireplace outside all year round. With elegant height, rustic appearance and impressive window access into the fire, each outdoor fireplace produced by Jøtul will add a new element of design to your garden, while allowing you to peacefully and safely watch the wood burn inside your garden fireplace.

Discover Jøtul’s elegant range of rustic garden fireplaces.