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ProQ BBQs was started as a family run business, with the hope of sharing their passion for barbecuing and their love for food. To do this, the team at ProQ made sure their products were easy to use, for both complete beginners and seasoned professionals. However, that isn’t to say they have limited functionality. In fact, ProQ BBQs have a wide range of features, allowing you to grill, roast and barbecue, all using one appliance.

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Premium BBQ Smokers

Previously, if you had wanted to smoke your food at home, you would have needed a specific smoking appliance, separate from your barbecue. Now, ProQ have created their ProQ BBQ Smoker. With a modular design, the ProQ BBQ Smoker can be used as a classic barbecue grill, a charcoal BBQ smoker and an outdoor oven. With such versatile functionality, you’ll be spoilt for choice when cooking with the ProQ BBQ Smoker.

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Innovative Cold Smokers

Cold smoking is the process of using wood smoke to create aromatic flavours, without cooking your food. From cheese and butter to salmon and beef, cold smoking is a fantastic way to experiment with flavours. However, many think that cold smoking is too complex to try at home. That’s why ProQ designed the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator & Starter Pack. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator produces cool, clean smoke with an average burn time of 10 hours. As it’s able to be used in almost any cabinet or barbecue, the ProQ Cold Smoker is perfect for beginners.

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Barbecue and Smoker Accessories

To help you take your smoking to the next level, ProQ BBQ have created a selection of accessories. For example, if you find yourself wanting more space to cook, you can add the ProQ Add-A-Grill Rack or the ProQ BBQ Smoker Stacker. Both of these accessories will increase the capacity of your barbecue, allowing you to grill, roast and smoke even more delicious meals.

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Charcoal and Smoking Wood Fuel

To help you achieve the best results with your barbecue smoker, ProQ have produced a range of high-performing charcoal and smoking wood. For their charcoal, ProQ use sustainably sourced coconut shell, which burns hotter and longer than your standard lumpwood charcoal. Whereas for their smoking wood, ProQ offer a variety of wood types, which are all carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality. From classic hickory to sweet maple, you can choose your ProQ wood type to complement your cooking.

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