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One of the newer brands on the block, Cozze began in 2020 with the launch of their gas fired pizza oven. Understanding how challenging it can be to achieve the perfect pizza crust at home, Cozze developed a selection of products to make this process easier. From their pizza oven and cutting board to their dough roller and oven glove, Cozze provide everything you need to create a homemade pizza with ease.

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How to use a Cozze pizza oven

The Cozze pizza oven was designed to be easy to use. Like any other gas appliance, all you need to do is connect a gas bottle and turn it on. This will ignite three burners inside the oven, one at the back and two at the sides. This design means the Cozze pizza oven is able to distribute heat evenly for a perfectly cooked pizza. Once turned on, we would recommend leaving the pizza oven for 20 minutes. In doing so, your Cozze oven will have enough time to heat up, making for a more crisp and airy pizza crust.

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Benefits of using a Cozze pizza oven

There are a number benefits to owning the Cozze pizza oven. With no wood or charcoal required, this gas fired pizza oven is much easier to use and can be started with the flick of a switch. Once up and running, the Cozze oven features a simple heat dial, which can be used to control the temperature during cooking. With three carefully positioned burners, the Cozze oven also allows for a more even distribution of heat, resulting in a better cooked pizza crust.

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Accessories for a Cozze pizza oven

Cozze have designed a wide range of accessories to go with their gas fired pizza oven. For cooking, we’d suggest making use of their outdoor table with pull out cutting board, perfect for serving pizza to guests. Once you’ve finished using it, the Cozze outdoor table has rubber wheels, pull-out rails and a brake, making it easy to manoeuvre into storage. However, if you did want to leave the table and pizza oven outside, you can do so with the Cozze outdoor cover. Made from sturdy Oxford material, this cover provides weather protection, keeping your appliances in the best condition.

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