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RB73 Fennek 50 – Outdoor Stove – 4 Sided

£2,195.00 inc. VAT

RB73 Fennek 50 – Outdoor Stove – 4 Sided

The Fennek is available in a vertical model the Fennek 50 and a horizontal model the Fennek 80.
They are designed by the famous Dutch designer Roderick Vos.
Roderick used clean and straight lines for the design. Made of 3mm CorTen steel.
They are available with 3 sided and 4 sided glass. The 3 sided model is always with a closed
backside with concrete stones.
Since there are air spoilers above each window they remain nice clean during burning.
On the topplate of the Fennek a small piece of pipe (20 cm) is welded, the standard delivered
exhaust pipe will fall over this piece. So rainwater cannot come into the burning room with this
closed pipe connection.
The Fennek is a closed fire and has a flue of 2 meters so you do not suffer from smoke, fire sparks
and ash on the terrace.



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RB73 Fennek 50 - Outdoor Stove - 4 Sided (8) £1,745.83

Technical Information

  • Material – 3mm CorTen steel and heat resistant glass and bottomstones
  • Concrete bottom stones
  • Airspoiler above the glass
  • Including rainhood
  • Dimensions – Fennek 50 : 56 x 56 x 303 cm
  • Weight : 100 kg

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