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Blazaball Firestarter

£14.95 inc. VAT

The Blazaball Firestarter is designed to easily start a fire in your BBQ, fire bowl or pizza oven without the need for kindling wood. Blazaballs are made from stainless steel and all you have to do is place your firelighter inside, put it inside the BBQ /fire bowl, light the lighter and pour over your charcoal – the firelighter will stay alight and not get extinguished by the smothering of coal, because there remains air around the firelighter, inside the Blazaball.

They can be used in Stoves, BBQs, Ceramic Grills, Fire Pits & even Wild Camp Fires. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Place your fire lighters inside the blazaball. Rotate the two sides clockwise until they lock into position.

2. Light the fire lighters and place your wood or coals on top.

3. Watch the fire take off, it’s that easy!


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