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Gozney Roccbox Placement Peel

£65.00 inc. VAT

Gozney Roccbox Placement Peel

Designed specifically for use with the Roccbox. The Roccbox Pizza Peel is a professional grade, lightweight peel for the placement of dough and cooking trays in and out of Roccbox. Made from aluminium with a hard anodised finish, this peel is designed exactly the same as larger, commercial use pizza peels.

Tapered on one edge for easy access beneath baked goods or pans, the Roccbox Pizza Peel includes perforations to enable excess flour to fall away when making fresh pizza. The perforations also assist in allowing steam to escape from cooked baked goods, resulting in a crispier base. The non-stick surface is perfect for smooth transition between the peel’s surface and the hot stone floor.


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305mm x 360mm head dimensions and 125mm handle.