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Having long perfected the art of indoor heating, Chesneys have now taken on the field of outdoor heating and cooking with their innovative range of patio heaters and BBQS. As the first manufacturer on the market to successfully combine the warmth of a garden heater with the functions of a wood fired barbecue, Chesneys HEAT have set the bar high with their sophisticated and efficient product range.

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Charcoal and wood fired BBQs

Want to try your hand at wood fired outdoor cooking? Our Chesneys HEAT barbecues can be fired by either coal or wood, bringing that natural smoky flavour to every meal you cook. From grilling and roasting to baking and smoking, each barbecue in the Chesneys HEAT range can accommodate for varying types of food and cooking. Whether you want to cook up a wood fired pizza or a batch of gooey brownies, with a Chesneys BBQ you have endless culinary possibilities. Chesneys HEAT barbecues have been designed to provide a true gourmet experience, with their large grill areas ideal for groups of up to 15 people.

Chesneys Clean Burn Heater

Perfect for those who already own a barbecue but are looking for a Chesneys patio heater for their outdoor space, Chesneys Clean Burn brings all the benefits of a woodburning stove outside. Using Chesneys’ Clean Burn technology, this outdoor heater is able to produce a substantial amount of heat without the release of pollutive smoke. Complete with a flue and a bag of our kiln dried logs, the Chesneys Clean Burn comes pre-assembled and ready for immediate burning.

Take a look at the Chesneys Clean Burn here.

Chesneys HEAT Accessories

From firing up your Chesneys HEAT BBQ to storing it when it’s not being used, we stock a variety of specially designed Chesneys HEAT accessories to complement and protect your Chesneys barbecue.

For cooking, we stock Chesneys Lumpwood Charcoal and the HEAT Tool Set, providing you with everything you need to start up and control your barbecue. Once you finish cooking up a storm, we can even supply you with a tailor made, waterproof cover thar will protect your Chesneys BBQ from the outside elements.

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